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​Intuitively Guided Products to Inspire and Help on Life's Journey

As a carer you may be finding yourself on a roller coaster ride of emotions as you try to cope from day to day.

The author has experienced her own challenges with her husband on the Young Onset Alzheimer's journey. In spite of a nursing, care and coaching background she had to create strategeies for handling emotions. In this book you will learn how to deal with your own "roller coaster" of emotions and create ways to better cope and be calm in times of challenge.

Mantras and incantations have been used for centuries to appease the Gods and manifest plus as a tool to assist with meditation.

In this little book you will find concise information about how t use mantras effectvely, how they are different to affirmations and influence the programmed subconscius mind. There are mantras you can adopt for key areas of your life such as health, wealth, relationships, career and spiritual. Exra pages are there for you to write your own mantras for daily use along with Sylvia's stories of success. You too can change your life if you follow the simple steps in the book.Type your paragraph here.


Sylvia and her husband Brian were enjoying an unconditionally loving relationship together when suddenly it all changed and Sylvia found herself investigating Young Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. 

The Rocky Road of Naughty Neurons explains the journey she and her husband took when he was diagnosed with the condition.

The blessings on their journey have been many, as they have been determined to do their very best to make each day a positive one with lots of laughter.

Sylvia has drawn on her inner spiritual strength plus coaching mechanisms to work at being able to ‘choose peace’ during the most challenging moments. Their story takes you from pre-diagnosis to Brian being in full-time care.

This Blessings Diary is Divinely Inspired to help with seeing the good in life, particularly in times of seeming darkness. There are 365 available entries and you have the potential to create your own personal library of blessings - could be YOUR Book in time! When we log things we re-enforce thoughts on to paper which is very powerful. The hymn words at the beginning are a memory of the authors childhood religious days and do have a powerful message to tell. Enjoy logging your blessings each day. Or as the words of the hymn say:- "Count Your Blessings, Name Them One By One - And It Will Suprise You What The Lord Hath Done!"Type your paragraph here.

Positive quotes with illustrations that were inspired from within over time.

A desire to share them arose. They are designed to help and uplift you on life's journey from day to day. Included are a few sayings from Sylvia's mother who was "a wise old bird!" For example she would always say - "Where there's a will - There's a Way!"

Creative Reiki is written for Reiki Practitioners and introduces Creative Techniques that were given to Sylvia by her healing guides.

These can be used along with the authentic Dr Usui Reiki Healing method of performing a typical healing session. Reiki Energy is a wonderful power that can help people balance their physical body temple during this time of transformation on our beautiful planet. As our bodies are being vibrationally re-aligned and we live in a world of high stress levels, electromagnetic stress as well as food and water that are less and less natural, the Power of Reiki can be a key component of health balance and day to day protection and life empowerment. Sylvia uses Reiki in many different areas of her life and this book shares her spiritually guided ideas for using Reiki in every day life. The ideas for using Reiki Symbols in your daily life as suggested by Sylvia may inspire you to use Reiki in an even more creative way.

Counting Blessings each day helps create a positive attitude to life and produces mood enhancing hormones in our physical bodies. Often it is people who are most challenged in life who find blessings in even the smallest of things. An attitude of gratitude will attract more good to us. Have fun with the exercises and start counting Your Blessings!

Write them in the Blessings Diary!

Having learned from her own Alzheimers  journey with her husband, Sylvia began recording weeklu video tips to help others. This triggered the development of a series of DVD's for you to keep and refer to at your leisure. Each DVD contains ten videos all recorded in the comfort of Sylvia's Home and from the heart.The videos cover many things including - 

 - Alzheimers - What it Isn't

 - Do Your Own Research 

 - Hey Guys! You Can't Fix It

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Find and live your Authentic Self. 
Introducing the All Inclusive Transformational Journey for women.

Learn how you have been programmed from birth and the latest in neuroscience about how our minds are our greatest enemy or our greatest friend. How to use the natural nurturing self in a new way that empowers your life. Read how Sylvia overcame challenges and transformed from a pale sickly child thought not to achieve much to becming a Transformational Master Coach. Take a journey that frees you to live out the purpose that lies deep within you without guilt or fear. Take hold of the tools offered and you will begin an amazing journey of inner transformation that will transform your outer world!

This is the story of Sylvia's journey from being born during wartime to living through health and other challenges and eventually achieve living out her life's purpose.

It is a journey of twists and turns, synchronicity, with both humour and sadness interspersed. Her story illustrates how we can overcome in life with a determined spirit and reach our true purpose. The challenges in life can be our greatest teacher. It is in these times, as Sylvia shows through her journey, that we find our inner "eternal spirit" that will lead us ever onwards to living who we truly are, free of fear!