Sylvia Bryden-Stock

International Author, Speaker & Master Coach

Yes, I am an end of  the second world war baby ​and right now living my purpose to the full!!

What an "interesting" journey it has been, but essential for creating awesome programmes and publications  to help others with 100% authenticity.

From a very sickly, very restrictive "religious"childhood, with determination I succeeded in a varied nursing and nurse conselling career plus went on to have a happy and successful time in the medical sales and marketing industry.

Health issues followed me to include a cancer phobia - I had very similar symptoms for which I was counselling pre-cancer surgery patients. Thankfully a UK renowned Nutritionist was my saviour here, and by cutting out wheat and dairy products  my health was restored to optimum levels and I never looked back. In the early stages the sugary cakes, doughnuts and chocolate bars would call to me daily as I passed bakery stores or visited supermarkets for the weekly shopping!  Food "cold turkey" set in. I would ask myself "How do drug addicts cope with their withdrawal symptoms?" 

A more holistic approach to life continued and led me to in-depth personal development courses and becoming a Reiki Master, Spiritual medium and channeller as well as a Tansformational Master Coach. Life was really now falling into place and a sense of divine calling to serve humanity from a Whole Person perspective began to emerge.

My love life also took many twists and turns until I met the love of my life who was also very spiritually minded and a great medium and channeller too. We had a lot in common. His support and encuragement to live out my calling was truly awesome.

Then another major challenge came my way as my dearest friend and husband was diagnosed with Young Onset Alzheimers Disease. What a tremendous journey we are still on as he continues  with the traumas of advanced stage dementia. However when you are greeted with love and told how much you are loved on every visit, that truly is an incredible blessing!

From this journey our story has been written with a sequel to follow as well as developing the Carers Coaching Academy.

I am a firm believer that inside everyone is a true spiritual self longing to be expressed in a unique and powerful way. I have proved that Everything in life has a hidden blessing if we would but look for it. 

Inner, All Inclusive Transformation Can take place with anyone who desires it greatly enough and an amazing journey of purpose will then manifest itself.

I wish you your own wonderful Transformational Journey and encourage you to Find and live YOUR PURPOSE!


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